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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 1, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> reporter: from whoopi goldberg to heidi klum they all love him. >> reporter: sally good evening everybody. i'm sally thorner in for adam may tonight. here's what people are talking about.
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fredrick and carol counties leafing damage behind. susan collins is live with the devastation and cleanen efforts left behind. >> reporter: hi. the broken trees and damaged roofs was decided that yes this
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was caused by tornadoes. tornadotornadoes ripped up barns and wreaked havoc in this county. >> the serious damage on the house was where the pine tree apparently tore touch back foundation. >> reporter: bob had to respond to the devastation at his sister's home. she was shocked to find her home was struck by flying trees while they were on vacation in carolina. >> they turned on the tv and saw their house had damage. >> reporter: the national weather service examed the house today and determines determines the line of destruction determines a tornado passed through. it's clear they were rip add part or pulled from the ground with great force by the roots. >> you can see the lower they break off. >> reporter: a howard county family had two cars wrecked. one car had a windshield smashed by a tree. another car was crushed in the driveway with one daughter
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inside it. >> we are thankful everybody is safe. >> reporter: with all this destruction, we learn there was one minor wrist injury. the woman in the car was not injured because she was smart enough to lie down on the floor of the car. >> a lesson learned tonight. bge restored service to over 56,000 over the course of this storm. for tonight, the rain has cleared out now. what's up for sunday in. >> hello sally and everybody out there. welcome to the weekend.
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i want to show you the graphics first because of the tornadoes that weren't through yesterday. you can see this scale, this is the damage estimate scale. ef 0 is the lower end. you see the damage it created. that's why it's so important when the warnings come out. the one in fredrick is looking at an ef 1. carol county about 100 miles wide h one mile long, winds estimated 75 to 80 miles per hour. one did damage at whisky creek golf course. 250250 yards wide. 2.5 miles long. this is what's going on now. taking up from today, thunderstorms off to the north and south. these are dying down. we could see a few linger through the overnight. there's more to come tomorrow. >> thanks. wjz is always on. check in for complete coverage on weather. for updated power out outages, log on to wide receiver call police
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department ravens owner this morning. he is expected to hit the field tomorrow morning. we'll have more on the ravens and mason in sports. , a 16-year-old county boy will spend the rest of his summer in detention for a fire bomb. the judge has ruled the teen is held and must pay the victims. he was reportedly in retaliation for the beating death of a teen. police involve shooting in west baltimore. patrol this morning when an alarm went off at a convenient store. the officer noticed the store's door had been pried open. >> upon entering, the suspect, wearing a mask, lunged at
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police with a knife lies on. police fired once striking the suspect in the head. >> the on the turned out to be a long screwdriverrer. the suspect is in critical condition tonight. city police have a teen in custody tonight. the suspect 17-year-old skinner of white bridge was caught on downtown security cameras. that's how they were able to track him down. he's charged with first degree murder assault and weapons charges. a busy night in downtown baltimore turns dangerous when a car collides with a rail train. it happened tonight near the orioles game. officials tell eyewitness news the train collided with a passenger vehicle. one occupant was taken to the hospital but is expected to recover from injuries. an denton man is arrested after a case of road rage p. an off duty police officer pulled off are over for what appeared to be a traffic accident. the woman cut the man off in traffic and he pulled a gun on
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her. she's charged with wreck lass assault and handgun allegations. that halted
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the half airport for hours today. >> reporter: the order to evacuate the terminal began the moment a bag was ripped open and authority officers saw wires that appeared to be attached to a bomb. travelers were rushed out. a passenger sent cbs 2 this photo inside adds the chaos start. planes in the air, travel plans on the ground. >> i'm upset. i wanted to be in mexico drinking margaritas this morning morning. >> reporter: it began with strange behavior. when he was stopped he would not answer questions. a wire was seen dangling from the bag. they blew the device apart with a water cannon. he is described as homeless living on new york city streets for at least a year. he had a ticket for chicago with connecting flights to oakland where he has family. this family's trip to florida was on hold. to get back to the airport, they were forced to walk because all vehicles were kept away after the terminal reopened. >> they handle 70 flight per hour. we're learning about three american hikers being retained in iran.
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they are tourists that mistakedly crossed into territory. the u.s. is asking them to confirm reports. baltimore swimming sensation michael phelps has triumphed over his closest
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rival. in rome today, myriad, with a performance in the 50-meter became the first to break the race. in last year's olympics phelps beat him by 100ths of a second. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, the festival is underway. they promise it will be bigger and better. >> the fields have been transformed into the baltimore festival. >> the festival is a celebration of baltimore's many different cultures. >> good to see you. >> this is the chairman. >> we've been blessed with wonderful diversity. we've been full of they cans that keep us apart rather than together as a community. people come out to celebrate. >> you can enjoy food from jamaica or turkey or get a different kind of snow ball. ball but better.
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we have all kinds of fruits in there.
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there and there. at this point, there's no warns
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in effect. we've lost all of that. the winds are out of the south. that's keeping it muggy out side. this is tropical air. it's so incredibly thick outside. temperatures also in the 70s. we're probably going to see some fog form. we're going to be right on par with 85 tomorrow. we could get above the average in the next few dares here. this is what we're going to deal with next. that's the front that left yesterday. here's the next one off to the west. this has a lot of energy with it. as it moves our way into the atmosphere, we could see strong to severe thunderstorms break out tomorrow evening. this is the highlighted area. east ward to the beaches. if anything comes out, we'll pass it out to you. the front comes in tomorrow. still the chance for thunderstorms and storms monday. we get one more break then another front will come our way wednesday. tonight we're going down to about 70 degrees. most of the thunderstorms will die down. tomorrow more thunderstorms going 85 for the high. over the next five days we
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start to climb the temperatures again. then another front on wednesday. >> thanks a lot. we'll check in tomorrow morning on eyewitness news starting at 8:00 a.m.
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hello everybody. big raven news. the desire to unretire and fill
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in his own big shoes. mason showed up at training camp after this morning's training camp session. intensive per son feed. watch here. he's running down field out of nowhere. hey you don't be doing that to
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a russian man falls a breath short of a world record.
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